Cancellation Policy
  • 13 Feb 2023
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Cancellation Policy

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Article summary

Reservations made by an Israeli consumer in a "long-distance sales transaction" as defined in the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981, could be cancelled by providing a cancellation notice:

  • Within fourteen (14) days of the later between the date of purchase and of receipt of a document containing the details listed in article 14C(b) to the Consumer Protection Law; and
  • At least seven days, not being days of rest, before the date of receiving the service.

A reservation made in a "long-distance sales transaction" by an Israeli consumer who is "disabled", a "senior citizen" or a "new immigrant" (according to the definitions of these terms in the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981), could be cancelled by providing a cancellation notice:

  • Within four (4) months of the later between the date of purchase and of receipt of a document containing the details listed in article 14C(b) to the Consumer Protection Law; and
  • At least seven days, not being days of rest, before the date of receiving the service.

The said four months cancellation period will apply solely with respect to transactions which included a conversation between us and the consumer (including by means of electronic communication).
When a cancellation is being made pursuant to the cancellation policy set in the Consumer Protection Law, as described above, the cancellation fee shall be equal to NIS 100 or 5% of the amount paid, whichever is lower. No cancellation fee shall be collected if the cancellation was a result of a breach or unsuitable service.
Cancellations made outside the timeframes for cancelling a reservation under the Consumer Protection Law would result in the collection of a cancellation fee as set forth below.

You, or any member of your party, may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. Cancellation notice from the person who made the booking or, if applicable, your travel agent, must be received by using one of the following channels:
• By email to
• By hand delivery to our office at 10 Ha-Menofim St, Herzliya, Israel
• By clicking the Vacation Cancellation button on our website - link to Online Form Cancellation
• By a phone call to the no.: 077 99 55 888

The notification must indicate the consumer’s name and ID number. For a more efficient process we may ask for additional details regarding your booking. Once your booking has been cancelled you will receive a cancellation receipt within 14 days. If you do not receive such cancellation receipt, then please contact us as soon as the 14 day period has expired.

If you cancel your holiday

Cancellations within the timeframes set in the Consumer Protection Law shall be subject to the cancellation and refund policy described above.
In other cases, the following policy shall apply:

Cancellation will be in accordance with the refund percentages and periods as presented in the table below.
Refunds will be transferred in accordance with time frame stated in the Terms of Sales.

Period Before Departure in Which you Notify usCancellation FeesCash Refund
61 days or more30%70%
60 to 31 days50%50%
30 to 8 days70%30%
7 days or less100%0%

A package cost €1,500 and only the deposit was paid (€450). If you cancel 65 days before departure no cash will be refunded, the deposit will be kept as 30% cancellation fees.

General Conditions

  • The deposit is non refundable.
  • The cancellation fees are calculated from the total cost of the holiday, and not from the deposit amount.
  • The above cancellation fees are only applicable when the entire group request to cancel the holiday.
  • In the case where individuals (not the entire group) request to cancel, WeSki will have to evaluate the possible amount to refund according to the shared components (i.e. accommodation, private transfer). Shared components will not be refundable as they will continue to be at use by the rest of the group. In any case, there will be no refund for cancellation requests submitted 7 days or less before departure.
  • If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.
  • Where extra facilities or transport options are non-refundable, in part or in full, the cost of these will be added to the cancellation charge you have to pay.

Payments need to be paid on time. Payers who will not respect the payment dates will be subject to 2% interest per week.

If WeSki can't provide you the services

  • The customer can cancel the travel arrangements without paying cancellation charges if any of the essential elements of your holiday, other than the price, are significantly changed by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (such as closure of the ski resort). In such circumstances, the customer will receive a full refund of the holiday price and confirmation that your holiday booking has been terminated.
  • If flights are cancelled or consolidated, then the customer is entitled to a full refund for their package if the holiday can’t be provided, or if the change is significant.
    Examples that are generally considered to be significant changes are flight time changes of 12 hours or more, but each case must be considered on its own merits.
    Please note that refund due to an airline cancelation is subject to WeSki receiving the refund from the canceling airline company.
  • The Company is not liable for Travel Services provided by third party Travel Service Providers. In this regard, it is clarified that any change or downgrade relating to Travel Service Providers’ facilities and amenities, which are a result of, inter alia, shortage or lack of fuel or energy, shall not be considered as a significant change and will not entitle the customer for a refund from the Company.

Credit Notes Terms and Conditions

  • Refunds in case the payment was made with a Credit Note - out of the amount of the refund due under the relevant cancellation policy, the amount paid through a Credit Note will first be deducted and will be credited back to the customer as a new Credit Note for future realization.
  • Credit Notes issuance date - Credit Note issued due to cancellation, as described in the cancellation policy, will be redeemable within 2 years from the issue date.